I am so cheesed off ‘working alongside’ a lunatic egomaniac in a ‘partner’ organisation that I wish I could take advantage of 95%+ of The Gambia’s populations dedication to prayer today.  I suppose I could think about doing a ‘POETS’ (piss off early tomorrow’s Saturday)?  But it is not in my nature: when I commit, I commit.

Tomorrow, Chris and I will venture out before it gets too hot for ‘toubabs’ and get in a van to Banjul.  We need to visit the craft market, National Museum and Emporium to inform another part of our volunteering projects.  I am fascinated to see more of Gambia’s culture, arts and crafts, so am not unhappy about using our limited ‘time off’ for this trip. (We will be working hard again on Sunday at the second Good Market: Gambia’s first farmers market, so that’s taken care of this weekend.)

This morning we got a green tourist taxi almost all the way from our bungalow to the office: result!  The young man had woken up late and was grateful for the equivalent of a shared taxi fare to get him to his workplace. So we travelled in style: a different style from yesterdays’ van from Brufut to Turntable. Turntable is a particular roundabout where taxis and vans stop/start and sector fares begin/end at 8 dalasi, about 12 pence for 2-3 miles.  Another destination is ‘Traffic Light’, so called because it is the site of the first traffic lights in The Gambia.  So back to yesterday: a goat was balanced on the roof of the crammed van;  it skittered and clattered and slid all over the roof as our earphone-wearing, rasta-hatted driver avoided potholes, bumped off the road to drop off and pick up fares and braked screechingly to avoid other crazed road users. I can confirm goats really do have a remarkable sense of balance!

I need to find my balance.  This last week has rocked my usual equanimity.



1 thought on “POETS?

  1. Sending love and a big hug to you. Thinking of you yesterday as I walked through the Christmas market in Leeds…. a world away from goats on the roof in the Gambia 😉

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