Finally….blogging, after umpteen suggestions it would be a good idea. I feel angry this morning: my art group has been cancelled; my husband forgot to pass on a phone message from a friend and can’t even remember how long ago the message was left; the banking has not been done in my absence nor the laundry left out for its weekly collection despite being left immediately by the door. And I’ve only been away for two days!
I have a therapy session this evening and am wondering whether to challenge the therapist who doesn’t feel comfortable with me?
So world, I need to balance myself – perhaps I could use my PSYCH-K facilitation training on myself? It would be good practise after all. Find the space and courage within myself to paint alone and push some boundaries rather than staying safe with what I know. Make some calls to friends. And sort out the laundry and banking…and then get on with my day.