Home after 3 months volunteering in The Gambia.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Sue and Chris, I hear the heat is on with you. Hope it cools down soon. Will send you an E mail if this fails. Dad.

    • Hi Dad,
      Wow, you found the blog – well done!

      I will write to you properly when I have a bit more time. Don’t worry about the heat for when you come: it will be the cool season, when all the locals wear jackets and about 25 degrees! So a lovely temperature.
      Big hug
      Sue x

  2. Hi Sue, I am now back in gear after a 12.30 return home on Thursday and a very tired day on Friday with lengthy effort to get back on the internet etc. The drive home was very easy with no traffic. Sorry I missed your card to Gracie on departure.
    Good to read your Blogs on our visits, I can use them to describe to my friends.(Better than my memory). I hope that your last week will go well.
    Much love , Dad.

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